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Mirum helps retail businesses evolve using fast-learning AI for accurate on-shelf detection

What you get
We harness state of the art technology to make your work easier and your business even more successful.
Time & money
Avoid expensive and error-prone manual shelf audits
Mobile app
On-shelf detection is easy with Mirum - just take a picture of the shelf and generate a report in minutes.
Free cataloging
We'll catalog your entire inventory for detection -
for free!
Live reporting
Get analytics reports in minutes to optimize your business: from planogram detection to share of shelf and beyond.

How it works
Start a new audit inside the Mirum app with the tap of a few buttons.
Take photos
Walk over to the shelves you want to analyze and take photos using the app.
Send for analysis
Upload your audit to Mirum's neural network. Detection happens in minutes.
Get detailed reports
In minutes your team receives actionable reports for shelf optimization
How will you use Mirum?
There are thousands of ways to use real-time on shelf detection. Here are just some of them.
  • Planogram adherence
    Raise the accuracy of your shelf layouts by automatically comparing with master planograms, not by using costly and error-prone manual labor.
  • Out of stock
    Out of stock accounts for over 10% loss of all retail revenue. Lower your out of stock shelf events and auto-order inventory.
  • Calculate share of shelf
    Use share of shelf analytics to adjust availability and revenue for your key products.
  • Verify price correctness
    Automatically check on shelf price tags and never lose revenue to mispriced products again.
  • Competitive analysis
    Compare how your products are performing against their neighbors and main competitors.
  • Promo analysis
    Understanding how your promo items are actually behaving on shelf has never been easier.
Technologic advantages
What makes Mirum unique?
  • 95% Accuracy
    Accuracy is our number one priority.
  • Single photo training
    Mirum's detection algorithm trains on one single product photo, not hundreds like the rest of the industry.
  • Unlimited inventory
    We're able to handle an unlimited scale of inventory for analysis - because the training process is so fast.
  • Complex arrangements
    Mirum's algorithm handles complex planograms, such as toothpaste boxes, without a hitch.
  • Soft packaging
    What about soft packages, like laundry detergent or pet food? No problem. It's our specialty.
  • Similar packs
    And when the visual difference in the packaging is very subtle? No problem either.

Let's work together.
Interested in testing out the system on your inventory? Happy to help.