New Mirum Recognition Catalogs: Dr. Oetker, Diageo, Heinz

JULY 3, 2019
Now Mirum can recognize groceries, alcohol, sauces, baby food and canned goods.
As a part of pilot projects, the Mirum recognition library has been successfully topped up with 3 catalogs of major brands: Dr. Oetker, Diageo, and Heinz.

The catalogs total 573 new SKUs in packages of various shapes and sizes: baking goods, jelly, toppings, gelatin, frozen pizza, cereals and mashed potatoes, ketchup, mustard, canned food, Bailey's liquor, Captain Morgan rum, etc.

According to the results of the pilot, the Mirum system demonstrated high recognition quality on new types of packages: over 95% on iron and glass cans, boxes, pouches and bottles.

Today, the total number of recognized products in all Mirum catalogs amounts to 3,000+ SKUs, 15 global brands, and 21 FMCG segments. Recognition is made on all types of packaging, including soft, non-standard, reflective, in-poor-lighting and in refrigerators.

The team is ready to demonstrate it upon request.

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