Mirum adds Danone yogurts to
image recognition library

FEBRUARY 5, 2018
Mirum has added another comprehensive product catalogue to its on-self image recognition library.
Now Mirum is able to detect 101 Danone yogurt products in 7 different types of packaging. The catalogue includes the most popular brands of Danone yogurts in Russia: Activia, Bio Баланс, Растишка, Danissimo, and Простоквашино.

The nuances of yogurt packaging required Mirum to develop a specialized approach to image recognition on this data set. In the process we successfully solved problems associated with accurate recognition of very small products on shelf, as well as a large number of similar SKUs with small differences in packaging.

The descriptors we developed as part of this process are able to quickly and accurately recognize similar products from one product line, for example, yogurts with different tastes. The system solves this problem with an accuracy of 93%.

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