Lays chips added to Mirum's catalogue library

MARCH 19, 2019
Mirum has added another comprehensive product catalogue to its on-self image recognition library.
The new catalogue features 68 chips products under the Lays brand. Mirum's state of the art AI image recognition algorithm features a staggering 94.34% effective average accuracy on this product line.

The system is able to accurately recognize Lays products in any layout configuration: hanging up on hooks, laid out on a shelf, laid out in a drawer, etc. The results are presented in real time via a custom built web reporting app and mobile app.

Mirum also now handles ever-changing packaging designs gracefully - the new catalogue takes into consideration differences in packaging discovered in 15 of the products, and delivers accurate recognition statistics even across products with varying packaging designs.

The new catalogue is now available, and has already rolled out in a pilot program with a large-scale merchandising firm in Moscow, serving 15 major clients across 340 cities.

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